Blackjack and Slots Mobile App

The new Jackpot City mobile casino has hit the internet world like a deadly force. It has come from the top of the rankings in every mobile game search engine. People have no choice but to check out this website and what it can offer to them. This review will talk about some important facts about this Jackpot City mobile casino.

One key takeaway from this is that Jackpot City Mobile Casino does not accept American players at this time. Microgaming is the company behind this operation. This is because they are partnered with Microgaming, a company that can’t permit US players to participate in their games. This is the second reason why this casino has been on the top of the mobile app review charts.

So how does this Jackpot City mobile casino operate? They have two different kinds of promotions that are utilized in the casino. The first one is a loyalty program where they give you free cash whenever you refer people to this casino. There are certain criteria that you must meet and you are required to refer new players who sign up for the loyalty program. As you refer new players you gain extra credits that you can use in the casino. Additional credits can be used for spending in the casino or even as additional deposits into your bank account.

The second promotion that is offered in this casino is known as the double-doubling feature. This is a special feature that works in conjunction with the loyalty program so you can double your money while enjoying free play in the casino. This is one of the best casino bonuses that are available right now on mobiles. The additional credits you get when you refer new players works like cheats in the traditional slots or video poker machines.

In order to make sure that you enjoy playing casino games, it’s important that you always bring your mobile device along with you. If you’re on the go and don’t have your mobile device with you, then you won’t be able to keep track of your earnings. It is also recommended that you download the free mobile app that works with the loyalty program in order to take full advantage of the features and benefits that this casino offers. Not only will you be able to earn extra credits, but you’ll be able to track your payout history and also get constant updates about new jackpots and promotional offers that are currently being offered.

You also have access to a lot of other features such as free spins on slots, progressive jackpots, instant payouts, chat, and internet bingo. There are a free casino app for VIP members, which gives you the ability to track all your winnings and activity, as well as the in-game advice. It also provides you with free VIP tickets and daily specials which you can redeem when you land a jackpot. So, if you think you’re just not cut out for playing blackjack and want to try something a bit more exciting, then consider downloading the free VIP Blackjack and Slots mobile app from the Jackpot City mobile website. You won’t be disappointed.