I would appreciate any tips on making her feel at home and training. Please email us to verify that the pet you are interested in is at the shelter prior to visiting us.

jack russell whippet mix

Yeh I see, he could have anything in him. Reece is available for adoption through Mid Atlantic Jack Rescue. She requires eyedrops daily for chronic dry eye. She needs stimulation if left alone for long periods of time or she will get bored. He knows basic commands, however his aggressive behavior and episodes of submissive urination continue and we are not in a position to enroll him in more specialized training at this time. If you'd like to make me part of your family, you won't regret it! Peanut is waiting for his forever home.

I got Ruby 3 months ago from a ARF in Berea,OH They said she was a Jack Russell but mosty likely a mix She was a timid adorable.

This invaluable course is concise but covers all the basics of getting ready for a puppy. Her back legs didn't move the same way a Jack's legs moved. I recommend whippets or cross bred whippets to anyone considering getting one. I adopted Jilli from a lady in Dillsburg about 3 weeks ago. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Last edited by elrohwen; at

She stuck to me like a shadow and laid on jack russell whippet mix kitchen rug while I fixed her food! Pee Wee is 9 years old and weighs about 21 pounds. Eddie is good with other dogsok with cats as long as they ignore her, good with kids. He is too small at this time only weighing 5 pounds. Lucy Bean is a 13 year old Jack Russell mix.

jack russell whippet mix

Murphy is micro chipped and up to date on shots. If ANY of the above are happening in your home, you need to get a handle on it right away. They said she was a "petite," Jack Russell, and did look thinner to me; but I had no idea!

She is heartworm negative and up-to-date on her shots. The Whippet is a purebred dog directly descended from the Greyhound. For a Jack Russell that is very aggressive with other dogs, a technique is to squirt the terrier in the face with water whenever he growled at other dogs. He will growl and lunge at the crate door. Murphy is still intact and the vet says that he is too old to have the neuter surgery at this point.

She is a perfect lady. I highly suggest Dr. RightPet does not advocate the intentional cross-breeding of purebred dogs.

FAQ: Aggression in Jack Russell Terriers

6 Week Old Jack Russell Whippet Cross Staffy Bull Terrier

She has a white stripe down her nose and also white paws. Since then I have learned about lure coursing she loves it , added 2 foot of chicken wire to the top of my chain-link fence after she jumped out after a racoon she has no fear and she seems to have springs in her hind legs , and found out that she still has found another way out so she's stuck on a tie-out in the back yard until I get all the holes plugged if possible.

With a calm demeanor with spurts of energy , an intelligent mind, curious nature, and affection for family, the Beagle Whippet mix does great with children of all ages and loves other household pets. He knows basic commands, however his aggressive behavior and episodes of submissive urination continue and we are not in a position to enroll him in more specialized training at this time. I love to be cuddled and petted and I am polite and I don't even jump up on the furniture.

What a delight Toby is - only several meaningful barks when he is happy, but he was so quiet for the first month, I was actually concerned that he was suffering from a vocal cord problem! Subscribe to our monthly newsletters and find what's right for your pet.

jack russell whippet mix

Adopt Whippet/Jack Russell mix- Good Day to you! My name is Bono. They named me for the mega star Bono who is a musician and does amazing charatible.

Camden aka "Cam" is a month-old JRT who jack russell whippet mix very energetic, with lots of love and loyalty to give. She also didn't have the personality of a the breed, she is very timid gentle and loving. He is sweet and loveable and deserves the very best of homes.

jack russell whippet mix

Since he is likely a hound mix, he is taller than a typical Jack and has long legs which he uses to run. I went to see him.

9 Whippet Mixes Whippet Cross Dogs and Why We Love Them

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In the morning she stretched out full length on the carpet and snapped her jaws in the air like a crocodile. She is potty trained using a doggie door to the back yard. Cruft A Whippet is Best in Show! It helps create a bond and also teaches the dog that you are in charge. We took a mother and two pups.

Cruft A Whippet is Best in Show! She has a funny playful side and will go from a quiet snuggle to bounding around the room with a ball.

jack russell whippet mix


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